Custom: Hand Bent Steel Scrollpture

Bending steel has been a staple feat of strength amongst the strongmen of old. It represents one’s triumph over something that many consider “impossible”.

Scrolling steel is the art and physical expression of bending steel into purposefully made interesting shapes and a “scrollpture” is a term used to describe a single length that has been bent, twisted and contorted into a piece that looks like a sculpture. A single piece becomes something very unique and beautiful. It’s an extremely unique art form that very few know how to perform.

It starts off as a single piece of structural steel (the same kind they use to make buildings) and are bent by hand without the use of heat or tools. The only things used a pair of gloves, soft suede for a bit of protection, strength of will, a creative eye and the skills Eric learned from his late mentor Greg Matonick (the man who originally taught him this craft and started his performing strongman journey).

Each Scrollpture is unique without any other exactly like it in the world. Whenever you look upon this, know that we are all stronger than the struggles we may face as we go through life.