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Performing Strongman, World Record Holder, Inspirational Speaker and Author

When Eric was a kid, he was allergic to just about everything you can think of making it difficult to get both proper nutrition as well as the proper rest a baby needs. In elementary school Eric was told by his teacher that he was “A lazy little boy and would never amount to anything” before being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. He was medicated and the medication acted as a personality suppressant making it difficult to make friends and Eric was bullied and left out of all the other reindeer games. He found his confidence through weight training which started a passion for strength and fitness that he used to become a personal trainer and later on discovered the incredible subculture professional performing strongmen. Within that community, Eric found salvation as New Jersey’s Superman pulled him out of the depths of despair to taught him to believe in himself and do what many consider impossible…especially since Eric is an unlikely strongman at 5’7 and 155lbs.

Eric was coached and mentored to do the classic feats of strength as well as some of the modern day equivalents by some of the best coaches in the world. Eric currently works with multilple world record holder Chris Rider and he was also the last student of New Jersey’s Superman the late Greg Matonick. The lessons he learned drove him to both establishing a world record in a feat of strength most won’t even attempt and also to publishing a book that chronicles his journey and the lessons he learned about shattering self imposed limits. Currently, his book has all 5 star ratings and with even more people from around the globe reaching out personally to say how inspired they were and how much they loved reading it.

As a motivational and inspirational speaker he’s been a member of Toastmasters International and has been personally coached by Dr. Rob Gilbert (The “Professor of Speakers” with 35 years of experience). Eric believes combining incredible feats of strength with a powerful message is the single best way to change lives and that is his true purpose.

“I may not have been born with the ability, but I was born for this.

Eric spends his spare time coaching his personal training clients, training, competing with his cat “the Batman” to see who’s the better superhero (right now Batman is winning), annoying his wife, spoiling his daughter, reading books, bending things, lifting things, ripping things, laughing at things he remembers out of nowhere, practicing his crafts so that he can be the best, and trying to enjoy the moments that pass our eyes like sand in an hour glass. When it’s his time to pass he wants it to say “He died, but before that he lived, he loved, he changed lives.”

Eric Moss

Eric Moss


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