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World Record Holder, Inspirational Speaker, and Author

At a young age, Eric was told by his teacher that he was “A lazy little boy and would never amount to anything” before being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. His medication suppressed his personality and Eric was ostracized by his classmates. He found his confidence through weight training which started a passion for strength and fitness that he used to become a personal trainer before discovering a fascinating subculture of real-life superhumans that perform feats of strength as part of a live show.

These real life superhumans were like modern-day day version of the classic strongmen that sold out Vaudeville theaters alongside magicians, escape artists, jugglers, fire acts, mentalists and comedians during the golden age of live entertainment. Within that community, Eric discovered his power as New Jersey’s Superman the late Greg Matonick took him under his wing, teaching him lessons of personal achievement and helped him go past what he thought himself capable of to do what many consider impossible…especially since Eric is an unlikely strongman at 5’7 and 155lbs.

Eric continued his journey as a strongman with the guidance of multiple world record holder Chris Rider, and the two of them teach up and coming strongmen and strongwomen to carry the torch and utilizing techniques of public speaking for dynamic delivery.

Eric transcends simply being an inspirational or motivational speaker with a story.  He’s an entertaining and inspirational presenter as Eric merges the entertainment aspect of bending steel and breaking chains with the dynamic storytelling of his inspiring journey providing a unique and unforgettable experience for Fortune 500 companies, schools, colleges, TEDx and even amazed the hardened guards at the iconic Lewisburg Penitentiary. Eric believes combining incredible feats of strength with an inspirational speech with direct applications to our lives and our careers is the single best way to change lives and that is his true purpose.

“What is thought to be impossible for you is business as usual for us.”

In addition to a fast-growing career as an increasingly in-demand inspirational speaker, Eric also has a personal training business and spends his time training his mind, body and spirit, having staring contests with his cat “Batman”, annoying his wife, playing with his daughters, cooking, reading books, laughing at things he remembers out of nowhere, and trying to enjoy the moments that pass our eyes like sand in an hourglass. When it’s his time to pass he wants it to say “He lived, he loved, he changed lives.”

He will transform your event.

Eric Moss

Eric Moss



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